Senior Sitting Request Form

Senior Sitting Request Form

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Our procedure:

After we receive your senior sitting request form, we will respond with an email or phone call after we review your request.

If you’re new to our agency, a family profile will be created. We will ask additional family information and request a valet credit card to ad to your file for sitting placements fees.

After we conduct our sitter search, we will call to give you our screened sitter’s profile information.

The sitter will call you directly to introduce herself and confirm your information such as; your requested sitting dates, arrival times, your shore town address, along with any additional instructions needed to complete the request.

Upon your sitter’s arrival, your sitter will provide you with her instruction guide / time sheet for you to complete. We ask that you provide the sitter with all the pertinent information needed such as, but not limited to; care instructions, contact numbers, expected arrival time, routines, schedules, etc…

Your sitter at the shore placement is then finalized! 

Sitters at the Shore is happy to help you with your elder care needs.

Thank you for completing our Senior Sitting Request Form for senior/elder care and companion assistance. We offer a variety of services for seniors from errands to household help. We will contact you as soon as we receive your submission.