Pet Sitting

pet sitter

This kitten had a watchful sitter!

Sitters at the Shore understands that your pet is an important part of your family. 

 Sitters will take care of your fins, fur and feathery friends too!

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Vacations are a fun time for the family, but they can be stressful for the pets! Being alone in an unfamiliar place can lead to some unwelcome behavior (and more stress when you get home!) Hiring a pet sitter provides more than meals and potty breaks – it provides you with peace-of-mind knowing your furry loved one is not feeling all alone.

Cape May County provides many pet-friendly activities and eateries, so your pet is sure to enjoy their inclusion in your trip. Many activities, however, are for humans only. Our pet sitters have got you covered!

Need a break from the kids and the pets?

You’ve heard it before… “I need a vacation from my vacation!” Getting away from home doesn’t mean getting away from all of the responsibilities of home. If you are to take that much-needed breather, you’re gonna need some help. Our pet sitters and babysitters are ready to answer the call.  Give us a call to discuss your job. 609 465-0840