Senior Sitting

senior sitting

Our sitters assist the elderly when they need it most!


Sitters at the shore is called upon for senior sitting for many reasons. Heres why…

  • On vacation and you don’t want to leave mom or dad alone in a new place? Sitters come right to you.
  • Need help around the house? It will get done faster and safer if you had a helper.
  • Have errands and appointments? It will go a bit smoother with a sitter to assist.
  • Not feeling well and could use an extra hand around the house to bring you something to eat or drink?
  • We are not certified nurses, but we can be sure you are doing what the doctor ordered and make you a warm meal or some tea or coffee.
  • Are you lonely and need a companion? Sitters like to converse and interact with seniors.
  • Need some assistance with basic needs? Sitters can help with most things around the house. We will tailor our services to your specific needs.
  • If medical assistance is needed, a home healthcare aid is required and we will be happy to guide you to the right agency
  • FREE Dementia 101 Magazine  offered to families dealing with this illness.

    Dementia Care 101 Magazine is published quarterly, and provides patients and caregivers with much needed information, referrals and local resources. There’s practical advice for quality care and new ways to give caregivers support for people living with dementia.  This new publication will help you provide the compassionate and comprehensive care people living with dementia and their families need.

    Along with local resources and directories of services in our area, each issue will address many aspects of the complex field of dementia care, from assessment to end-of-life issues. Independent content comes from both local and international contributors.

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