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1. Complete the request form below After we receive your sitting request, we will respond with an email or phone call. Sitting service  booking form is used for pets, children and senior sitting alike.

2. Finalize payment  If you’re new to our agency, a family profile will be created. We will request additional information along with a valid credit card to add to your file for each sitting placement.

After we conduct our sitter search, we will call you with your sitter’s profile and our sitter will contact you directly at least 24 hours prior arrival time to introduce herself and confirm placement details.

3. Complete the sitters instruction guide / time sheet when the sitter arrives  We ask that you provide the sitter with all the pertinent information needed such as, but not limited to; care instructions, contact numbers, expected arrival time, children’s routines, special needs, etc…Give your sitter a tour and point out any areas that are off limits or unsafe and please go over family rules and instructions.
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