Sitters want to know before they go

Information sitters want to know before they go

Sitters want to know before they go to any job as much information about your children so they can prepare themselves and their goodie bags. Sitters look forward to meeting your child(ren), and the questions below will help us make the proper sitter placement along with prepare your sitter for the visit. Our quality child care providers make health and safety issues a top priority. We want to know about disabilities, allergies, strength and weaknesses (this information is critical!)

Personal style? Is your child…

  • Adaptable – flexible, approaches new people and situations with ease. Good with transitions.
  • Cautious – thoughtful, approaches new people/situations cautiously, has difficulty with transitions.
  • Fiesty – passionate, feels things intensely, has difficulty controlling themselves, strong feelings wants and needs.
  • Anxious – fear of strangers, fear of being separated from parent, will take some time to warm up, relax and accept.

How does your child react to someone new?

  • Big Reactor – communicates their feelings and doesn’t hold back.
  • Low Reactor – fusses very little, plays quietly and sleeps a lot.

Activity level?

  • High Activity – children are always on the go.
  • Low Activity – children sit quietly, exploring with their eyes and ears.

How social is your child?

  • Super Social – enjoys approaching new people, happiest interacting with others.
  • Take-It-Slow – shy around strangers, needs time to warm up.

Is your child tolerant of changes and challenges?

  • High Tolerance – not bothered by changes, are adaptable, copes well with changes.
  • Low Tolerance – sensitive to change, gets upset when routine is altered, easily upset, frustrated, angered or impatient.

What are your child’s unique needs?

Physical conditions? Mental state? Medical conditions? Allergies? Information about a unique routine?

If the kids know, they’ll be ok if you go!

Help your children prepare for the sitter

  • Tell them her name, why she is coming (to keep you safe, happy and have fun!)
  • Explain what they will do with the sitter (such as read, play games, and do crafts)
  • Give them an idea of how long the sitter will be there.
  • Be sure to let them know that the sitter is there to carry out your instructions.
  • Give your child the rules for bedtime, meals, tv, snacks, outings, etc…..

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